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The game about Slovakia and V-4 continues
Leader of Central Asia
Sikulski Skorenovac
Heritage of Banat Border Guards
Will they sentence the state and themselves for committing other murders as well?
How do you assess the quality of the Slovak right-wing and liberal opposition?
Colony on the periphery of Europe
About the Fourth World
The President violated the order
From the world of law trainees



The game about Slovakia and V-4 continues
Ideological, media and information chaos continues. Not only in Slovakia, but also in the European Union, the media and propaganda war have intensified. Their half-truths are almost all spoken and proclaimed. Well it is democracy though! However, the facts are not important, but the production of various reports, purposeful opinions and statements, respectively their subsequent and rapid medialization, presentations at press conferences, briefings, opinions and especially on social networks. Their intensity is so strong and extensive that many of their readers, listeners, viewers, and even politicians are lost in them, unable to absorb, analyze and understand them. It's not just the time, because they are already rolling another wave of new reports and information.
Everything points to the fact that we have become "slaves" of subjective and not objective coverage (news making), refined and targeted manipulation of information, the content and logic of which are explained to us by various politicians, analysts, political scientists, moderators, commentators and bloggers. They present themselves as capable experts, who are almost 100% correct. What is declared as "independent coverage" is in fact dependent (political) coverage on programmers and makers of news and their sponsors. We live at a time when public opinion about Slovakia, the EU, Russia or the USA does not form independent and objective information, but purposeful media reporting campaigns. Their goal is to either politically and publicly pollute, scandalize and destroy, or exaggerate and portray as "right, honest and responsible." And there is no matter whether it is a state, a government, a nation, a particular politics, a business or an individual.

In any case, the plurality of objective information and opinions, a democratic and fair competition of ideas, visions and arguments disappear from media and public life in Slovakia and the EU. Instead, various public and private print, electronic and Internet media, camps and bloggers and so-called civic activists, various "guardians" of democracy or promoters of alternatives to everything and to everyone. The colourful world changes to black and white, censor, criticize, insult, sneer, and hate each other. From readers, viewers and listeners, they have made extras, vassals of their truth and their politics. They divide them to Democrats and Anti-Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, Fascists, and Anarchists. Or pro-American, pro-Russian, pro-European or "anti-systemic", those behind or against LGBTI, gender ideology, for and against the Istanbul Convention, for and against migratory quotas. They cannot communicate with each other and find the truth together.

A few examples. When Angela Merkel agreed to resume a major coalition with the Social Democrats, she immediately announced that Germany would receive 250,000 migrants (without family members) each year. They added that they will be reallocated among EU members and that only those Member States that will fulfill the "home role" can count on German support. In other words, Merkel's Germany will dictate and order others what they have and must do in order not to be politically and financially blocked. However, the question is: is the European Union the Land of Germany? Is the German chancellor superior to the European Council or the European Commission? The answers are clearly negative. So, logically, at least the media and politicians should criticize Mrs. Merkel for acting as a dictator and that her migration policy continues to jeopardize the internal security of the citizens of the European Union. They do not do so, or just very marginally. They should push it to behave in a decent, fair and, in particular, democratic and European values ​​to protect and defend. They should force her to tell the truth and answer the question whether she supports or does not support the Islamization of Germany and the European Union. In this context, it is also desirable to talk about the organized return of migrants from the EU to their native land and on economic assistance from, in particular, those EU Member States that have both financially and militarily supported, for example, the coup d'état and the "Arab Spring" in North Africa and the Middle East. From the point of view of small Slovakia, the declared equal and equal member of the EU, certainly yes. Also from the point of view of the regional group of Visegrad Four (V-4), which unitedly opposes migratory quotas and redistribution of migrants. Not only German, but also British and French media and political leaders perceive the V-4 as an opponent who needs to be politically and financially disentangled and not supported!
Or, we notice the anti-Russian sanctions. Today, it is almost clear to everybody that if Russia did not engage in Syria, Americans would, with the support of the so- EU leaders (especially Germany, France and the United Kingdom) "did not stop" in Ukraine, where they organized a coup d'état. Its outcome is not only the disruption of Ukraine, the refugee crisis, the war in Donbass, and the return of the Crimea to Russia, but also the strengthening of the military presence of NATO troops on the EU border with the Russian Federation and the construction of the Odessa maritime base, as the Swiss media have previously informed. However, economic sanctions have not damaged the US, but in particular the EU and its Member States, farmers, medium and small businesses. They have strengthened Russian-style and artificial fears from Putin´s Russia, which continues to feed the Western and Central European EU states with gas and oil. What would happen if Russia stopped supplying gas and oil?

Or an example from Slovakia. Before the murder of young journalist Jan Kuciak and the graduate archaeologist Martina Kusnirova (nothing known about her work), at least even in Kosice was rumbled about the planned visit of Robert Fico in China. Former Prime Minister should have visited Beijing at the end of March or early April 2018 to discuss China's investments in Slovakia. Especially in the US ironworks after the purchase of the U.S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o., about the construction of a new plant for the production of electric cars and a modern railway terminal under the New Silk Road in Kosice. If these negotiations were successful, China's investments would definitely help the economic development of eastern Slovakia. From a geopolitical point of view, however, large Chinese projects are the thorns of the Americans and some Western European states. But not for Hungary, Austria or the Czech Republic, who are already cooperating with the Chinese. In other words, Slovakia can get another big investment in the V-4, which is intensively flirting Austria. However, when it begins to negotiate, it is not known. A reason? The misuse of Jan Kuciak's murder on the political interference of Brussels, the US, and non-governmental organizations against the government of Robert Fico and his person has caused these talks to be delayed. If the political crisis in Slovakia were further destabilized by the collapse of the ruling coalition and the early elections, the new government under the current opposition could be more focused on Merkel's migration policy and the limitation of Chinese investments in Slovakia.

As a result of the aggressive and demagogic campaign of the Slovak opposition and pressure from Brussels and the White House, who without any evidence began to claim that Mr Fico and his government are responsible for the murder of Jan Kuciak and Martina Kusnirova because they were and are allegedly linked to the Italian Mafia and Corruption, a massive protest for "decent Slovakia" seems to be questionable and manipulated in favour of those who do not want a stable and prosperous Slovakia, a strong and unified Visegrad Four. On the other hand, if Fico's SMER-SD party, its coalition partners (SNS and MOST-HID) had an effective media strategy and communication with the public, it would not have been necessary for an unconstitutional coup, coordinated by President Andrej Kiska, to force Robert Fico to resign. Although he managed to maintain a government coalition and a majority in the Slovak Parliament, it does not mean that the geopolitical struggle for Slovakia and the V-4 will not continue. The game is still in parliamentary elections in Hungary and the expected victory of Viktor Orban, who, unlike Slovakia, deepens the Hungarian-Russian economic cooperation and the orientation of Hungary to the Euro-Asian economic union. His struggle against the enemies of Hungary and Christianity gained new dynamism and mass support. Viktor Orban wants to build a unified camp of Hungarians under one flag and one command. "We drove the Turks out with the janitors. We drove the Habsburgs with the labancs. We drove the Soviets out with their comrades. And we are going to have the "Gyuri Bacsi" (Uncle George Soros) with his mercenaries, "declared the Hungarian Prime Minister on a mass march in Budapest, who also solidly supported by the Poles. He said it on the same March day when Peter Pellegrini, the new Slovak prime minister, was given a mandate by President Kiska to form a new Slovak government.

Robert Matejovic, editor-in-chief


Leader of Central Asia
"The main task of the third modernization is to include Kazakhstan among the 30 most developed countries in the world by 2050," emphasizes Sergeant Abdykarimov, the Kazakhstan Ambassador, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

Sikulski Skorenovac
It represents the southernmost village in the world where the ethnically pure Hungarians live.

Heritage of Banat Border Guards

The farm house SDAR in Serbian Dolov will take you back to the culture of traditional life in Vojvodina, when it used to be part of Austria-Hungary and Yugoslavia.

No comment
Will they sentence the state and themselves for committing other murders as well?
Reaction of some (politicized) members of the Evangelical Church in Slovakia to the murder of Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová. The bishop general and the bishops did not join.

Opinion Poll
How do you assess the quality of the Slovak right-wing and liberal opposition? Why is it still fragmented, unconstructive and able to unite only in the political and media match, especially against the SMER-SD party?


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